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About us

MEET our staff:
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Drew Grubbs

Lead Pastor

Pastor Frank web photoSM.jpg
Nancy Lemke

Church Administrator

Frank Johnson
Senior Associate Pastor

Maurice Caron

Pastor to Senior Adults

Joshua Grubbs

Worship and Media Director


We believe in GOD.

We believe in His love, mercy and grace, and that He has a meaningful life planned for those who walk with Him, as well as an wonderful eternity!  We believe Jesus Christ is God the Son, sent to take away the burdens of sin, shame and guilt for those who believe in Him.  We believe Jesus can change a person's life - any person, no matter their background - to make their life beautiful, joyful and full of His love and care.  We believe the Holy Spirit empowers God's children and gives our lives excitement, energy and enthusiasm each day!

We believe in GOD'S PEOPLE.

In our faith family, we believe in supporting one another and helping each other through difficult times.  We believe in the benefits of genuine friendship, joy, peace and the love we share with one another.  We believe no one should have to go through life alone, so we cry together when it hurts, and we laugh together on the good days.  We believe in the power of coming together in worship and fellowship, and regularly we are strengthened and encouraged by the experience.

We believe GOD made YOU unique.

You are special, for you are a creation of God!  He made you and He loves you.  Are you perfect?  Probably not, but none of us are. And other than Jesus, we've never met anyone who was.  Still, because He made you we believe in your journey.  We believe you can see and do things walking with God that you never dreamed possible.  We believe that as you walk His path for you, heaven's the limit!

Doctrinal Beliefs

We believe the traditional beliefs that have measured Baptist since their inception.  Beliefs such as the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God; Jesus is God in the flesh, come as the Son to die on the cross for our sins; the Holy Spirit indwells true followers of Jesus; the Church is God's agent for expanding His Kingdom on earth; and each believer is gifted so that they can play a role in God's plan.

At the same time we hold to these traditional tenets, the world does change and new issues require old beliefs to be refined and better defined.  As a result, our convention has updated its statement of faith at key moments during our history, with the last update occuring in 2000. As a faith family, Legacy Church holds to the statements of belief as expressed in the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000.

If you are interested in the details of this statement, we encourage you to click the link above and explore the information provided on the SBC website.  The full statement, supporting biblical texts, as well as some commentary information is availabe.  You also will find the statement available in many languages. If you have further questions about what we believe, please use the Contact page.

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